Canada Thornton bei court

The project is made up of Adamson Associates Architects designed, Canada Thornton bei court, the new design to establish financial holding to the attorney general and thunder bay city project department to imagine the court to capture the spirit of a community, at the same time the court facilities to create a new direction for the future A total area of 23225 square meters of space in total including two court: one is the Supreme Court and the Ontario court, combine the two courts in a 7 layers of modern architecture Is located in the center of the downtown thunder bay, the addition of the new court means the increase of the court The increase of security facilities and the increase of the public channel

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西班牙Olivia Balmes酒店

Spain Olivia Balmes hotel is a high-end hotels, inside the room The bar Outdoor swimming pool and restaurant 128 rooms located in the center of the Eixample area north of Barcelona This new building design to adapted to Eixample area surrounding the classic architectural form Due to the special location, designer decided to adopt similar to the elements of the rock, and USES the classic balcony structure and gives the new aesthetic feeling of symmetry Building facade adopts the flat glass with high insulation performance of aluminum panels, form bright building image Building is a layer of open mode, the glazing of large area to attract pedestrians into the public areas of the hotel The door of the hotel by the double high public space to reach other public areas, forming eye contact at the same time, and the introduction of natural light.


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智利Las Brujas街大楼

Las Brujas street building is in the past 10 years comprehensive retail office building experience accumulated, such as the Pio XI shopping center Luis Carrera, San Felix, Av Peru and other large range covers the number of package contains the store, to help build a strong appearance, construction of billboards become a point of interest Typically based on three main body, rotating among them, by a continuous slope and the pavement system connection created road system can through different scenarios It provide consumers with a different levels of experience, generous public areas and a large terrace, can provide more space for pedestrians and customer The importance of a construction often include technology (metal) and the fine materials (concrete and wood), consistent with the square positioning.20140720001001[1] 继续阅读 »


敦煌壁画第61窟东壁北侧维摩诘经变中(五代时期) 四出头官帽椅一般由黄花梨制作而成。它与紫檀被称为最“雅静”的木材。黄花梨色泽秀润,纹理变化无穷,在华贵之中又带有素雅的美。因此,深为为文人雅石所钟爱,所以官帽椅又有别称为“文椅”。即使是在今天,文人学者参加一些比较隆重的活动或仪式的时候,首选的椅子还是四出头官帽椅。


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